Angell and Her Mean Mistress

Hi once again! Good to have you back as this week’s update is a very kinky Angell Summers scene all for you to enjoy. The French bombshell that we all love in her hot and always in control sex scenes, is going for a very submissive posture this time and it fits her perfectly. She gets spanked by her hot and evil mistress and that horny slut will even make her eat that juicy pussy of hers, which our little tart is more than happy to oblige.
In the beginning, Angell is helpless, all tied up to her bed, with those handcuffs on, tantalizing legs spread wide apart, and that sweet twat on display, as she is struggling to figure it out what will happen to her. Then her nasty, black silk and leather clad, busty mistress comes by her side with a spanking paddle and starts whipping Angell’s perfect naked body, also teasing her always hungry cunt, whit short little spanks. You can tell our drop dead gorgeous whore is really enjoying this kind of hot action, and her dripping wet pussy and her sensual moaning in is an excellent proof of that. Hope you all enjoy, and we’ll be back real soon with more updates.

angell and her mistress

Watch nasty Angell getting spanked by her mistress!